Hofung Engineering

In January 2012, Hofung Engineering was established as the operational center of Hofung Technology in China. Hofung Engineering is driven by technology development, technology transfer, and project consulting in the areas of engineering design, project management, and EPC projects.

We offer globally leading technologies in the fields of sulfur recovery, urea granulation, and seawater desalination, for application in the petrochemical, coal chemical, fine chemical, natural gas, electric, and other industries, and possess cutting-edge expertise in technology transfer, engineering design, procurement, construction, project management, and more.

Hofung Engineering also continues to develop and apply innovative, new technologies, such as the Flameless Combustion Technology developed with WTE-Tech and the Nanocal Flue Gas Treatment technology, developed with SDS Nanocal.

Latest News


Hofung Engineering Organizes Sino-Dutch VOC Treatment Seminar in Beijing


Hofung Engineering Signs EP Contract for TGTU Producing Sodium Pyrosulfite from SO2

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