Sulfur Recovery Technology

Process Technology & Equipment

Sulfur recovery technologies in Hofung Technology's portfolio include Claus sulfur recovery technology, as well as Jacobs Comprimo's SuperClaus® and EuroClaus® technologies, as exclusive sub-licensor for China, and the THIOPAQ® O&G biological desulfurization technology licensed by Paqell.

We also offer Claus tail-gas treatment technology, including SCOT technology, ammonia-washing and other technologies.

Hofung Technology also provides key equipment and materials include SRU main burner systems, Claus and SCOT catalysts, and Nutrimix® nutrients. These have a great influence on smooth operation of the unit and overall sulfur recovery efficiency.

Depending upon the requirements and specific projects of our clients, Hofung Sulphur Technology can offer process design, basic design, or complete/detailed design. This is done in close cooperation with Hofung's own design company, Tianjin-based Hofung Engineering, as well as external partners and suppliers such as Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions, Paqell, and many others.

All Hofung's sulfur recovery related business is performed by Hofung Sulphur Technology, a member of the Hofung Companies.